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This podcast is produced by the Kentucky Arts Council, a state agency of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet. On the podcast we’ll talk about arts council programs, speak with the artists from across the state and explore topics important to the arts community in Kentucky.

Aug 20, 2020

Kentucky's connection to poetry will be the subject of a an upcoming episode of the documentary series "Poetry Unites America." On this episode of KyArtsCast, we talk with Ewa Sandrzynska, the documentary filmmaker behind the series, about how Kentuckians can contribute to the episode via an essay contest she is conducting. Deadline for submission to the contest is Sept. 15, so listen to this episode to find out more about the project! We also chat with Tamara Coffey of the Kentucky Arts Council about the nomination process for Kentucky Poet Laureate. The deadline to nominate someone for that important position is Oct. 1.

Episode footnotes