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This podcast is produced by the Kentucky Arts Council, a state agency of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet. On the podcast we’ll talk about arts council programs, speak with the artists from across the state and explore topics important to the arts community in Kentucky.

Jun 24, 2020

With Kentucky's Healthy at Work guidelines gradually reopening sectors of the state's economy, we talk with folks from three of our sister agencies in the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet - Gwen Heffner of the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Erin Palmer of Kentucky Performing Arts (formerly the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts) and Nick Covault of the Governor's School for the Arts. Each of them talks about how their agencies have adapted to the social restrictions put in place to combat COVID-19 and about what reopening might look like. Nick specifically talks about the shape this summer's Governor's School for the Arts will take. The program, which, since 1987, has been an intensive summer residential program for rising high school seniors, will be conducted virtually for the first time in its history.