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This podcast is produced by the Kentucky Arts Council, a state agency of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet. On the podcast we’ll talk about arts council programs, speak with the artists from across the state and explore topics important to the arts community in Kentucky.

Apr 8, 2019

If you missed out on the chance to visit The Kentucky Crafted Market last month, you also missed an opportunity to hear fantastic live music from the Kentucky Stage. Not to worry. We've curated highlights from groups that performed on the stage and collected them in this special episode.

Each group or individual that performed on the Kentucky Stage is a member of the Kentucky Arts Council's adjudicated Performing Artists Directory, a valuable resource for people looking for entertainment at any size gathering.

If you enjoy the sounds of a particular act that you hear in this episode, we're providing links to their entire set below. You can also click on the artist's name and learn more about them on their online directory page.